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High Resolution Histogram

After looking at the picture in the Histogram page, I was getting concerned about the first bin on the left, which was basically saying that 8% of the readings had a value less than 0.049 μSv/h. I wanted to achieve … Continue reading

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Extraordinary radiation ?

A big dilemma now is knowing whether the current readings are normal or they are affected by the Fukushima accident. There is a way finding out, regardless of the fact that my graph shows higher values than the official sources. … Continue reading

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Safe levels ?

Is the level of radiation indicated by the time plot in the Home page safe ? According to the world’s annual average is 1.26 mSv/h, which divided by 365 days and 24 hours gives 0.143 μSv/h, so it appears … Continue reading

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Discrepancy of Results

The values in my Home page graph seem to be about four times higher than what is reported in the official documents. Compare it for example to I am really anxious to find out why there is such a … Continue reading

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