Discrepancy of Results

The values in my Home page graph seem to be about four times higher than what is reported in the official documents. Compare it for example to http://mextrad.blob.core.windows.net/page/01_Hokkaido_en.html

I am really anxious to find out why there is such a discrepancy with the other web sites. I have been contacting various “experts” in the field, but so far nobody has replied.

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2 Responses to Discrepancy of Results

  1. Hello Alex,
    Congratulations on putting the site together. When the Government started reporting on the Fukushima crises I thought what we really need is data crowd sourcing. Even if there were distortions in the data, if we could get enough people doing the measurements, the truth would come out. “Safecast” ( RDTN.org ) started to do that but their site has becoming more difficult to use. There was also a lack of data for Hokkaido. I went to a talk on “radiation and Hokkaido” recently and met Dr Kato ( http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nuclear-free-hokkaido ). He directed me to his site http://www.jcprg.org/nrdfa/index-houshasene.html . I note your readings
    are somewhat different from his. This has been case for readings in other places in Japan. There are some good reasons for some of the differences, but its a bit confusing for people trying to find the truth. I have recently been putting some videos together about radiation in Hokkaido. I have been thinking that a good topic would be to put a 5min video together to discuss the various reading and try and explain the differences. Would you be interested in getting involved?


    Peter Nichols

  2. The Sapporo City has just put up the new site to encourage visitors back to Hokkaido. In the section about Radiation I have put together a video to find out what is happening to the dolphins.

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